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Jin Ou Yong Gu Cup

Jin Ou Yong Gu Cup


The gold cup  was made by the Construction Bureau under the Imperial Household Department for the exclusive use of the emperor. It is 12.5 centimeters high and 8 centimeters across the mouth. Its edge is decorated with meanders and with the characters jin ou yong gu (meaning unimpaired territorial integrity) amid them on one side and the characters qian long nian zhi (meaning made in the Qianlong reign) on the other.


The cup is shaped like an ancient cooking vessel with three legs. Its body features patterns of carved peony and lotus flowers inlaid with bright pearls and colorful precious stones. Its handles are built in the shape of a dragon with a pearl on its head and its legs are shaped like elephants with pearls and precious stones on their heads.


Ou was a small, durable cup used in ancient times. Jin ou (gold cup) implies unimpaired territorial integrity and national prosperity.

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